Disney On Ice

by Tom Smith



My dear friend Mary B. has been wanting a good recording of this for awhile, so, here. :D This isn't actually mine, and I don't know if it's been recorded besides the one place I heard it: years ago, when Bongos, Bass and Bob (Penn Jillette and Rob Elk) played it live on the Dr. Demento Show. If you want the chords, by the way, it's stupid easy -- Am, G, F (alternate with Dm if you'd like), E7, repeat.

Now, as to the subject matter itself, no, Walt isn't really a corpsicle someplace -- check out goo.gl/E8VWc2 . And this fantastic image is used with the kind permission of mad scientist Robert Selander, goo.gl/V54s8v .


The rumor goes, or so they say,
Uncle Walter wasn’t buried in the usual way.
The man is dead, yeah, that’s a fact --
But some people say he wants to come back.

Disney on ice,
Disney on ice,
It would be very nice
If Walt Disney were on ice.

They say he’s buried out at Forest Lawn,
So I went there with a shovel underneath my arm.
I asked the guard, Please let me in, he said,
“Not by the hair o’ your chinny chin chin”, because --

"Disney's on ice,
Disney's on ice,
It would be paradise
If Walt Disney were on ice."

Now, if Walt is really in that state of hibernation,
That means the king of cartoons is in suspended animation.
I know what you’re thinking, he’s some frigid fellow --
He’s cold now, but he was hot for Funicello.

Disney on ice,
Disney on ice,
It would be so incredibly bitchin’
To open the freezer in your kitchen....


released April 19, 2018
Words and music: some combination of Penn Jillette, Dean J. Seal, and Rob Elk




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