Sad Puppies (Aren't Much Fun)

by Tom Smith



You've likely heard of the kerfuffle involving the Hugo Awards this year. This is my commentary on it. For more background, check out the Livejournal of George R. R. Martin ( ) or the Facebook page of David Gerrold ( ).


Sad puppies, sad puppies,
Sad puppies aren't much fun.

All their plots, all their hooks,
But no one nominated their books,
Sad puppies never won.

Oblivion was their fate,
Till they stuffed the ballot with hate,
Sad puppies want to run, no no no.

Rabid puppies joined in too,
They’ll kill the Hugo before they’re through,
Rabid puppies have just begun.

Sad puppies
Brad’s puppies
Sad and Rabid puppies aren't much fun.

C'mon, everybody! NO, REALLY, EVERYBODY!

Nominated barely,
Can’t win fairly,
Sad and Rabid puppies aren't much fun.

One more time for Theodore Beale!

Sad Puppies,
Jesus what annoying puppies,
Sad and Rabid puppies aren't much fun.


released April 25, 2015
Lyrics: Tom Smith
Music: "Dead Puppies (Aren't Much Fun)"
as recorded by Ogden Edsl
From a suggestion by Kerry Gilley
Parallel processing by Royce Day
Lyric suggestions by Becky Kyle and Harold Feld

"Noah Ward" is a registered pseudonym of David Gerrold
Used with permission

"Sad Puppies Patch" art
used without permission




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