Face Hugger

by Tom Smith



This song, which was absolutely inspired by Joey Shoji's "Bloodchild", won the 1990 OVFF Songwriting Contest. Since then, I have only performed it live twice, and in fact had to get the help of Harold Stein to dig up the recording so I could remember how my own song went. (I had to do this because Seanan McGuire requested it for an upcoming concert, and I hate to disappoint Seanan.)

A single word is changed from the original -- "regret" used to be "retreat". Honestly, I have no idea why. "Regret" works fine, it actually rhymes -- I blame being relatively new yet to songwriting. Or being a dummy. Something. Can I blame society? Drat.

Oh, and -- I got the image from moarstuff dot com. They have an Alien Facehugger Egg cookie jar!


There’s a movement,
Coming closer,
It’s a mammal, all hairy, but wearing thick plastic,
Unwise but still wary, this calls for some drastic
Something subtle,
Let my pod open slow, like an agonized flower,
Curiosity grows and the prey’s in my power

And then faster than he has a chance to regret,
With no introduction, we’re forcibly met,
And then, with a kiss that he’ll never forget,
My lover and I are now one.

For my lover you are, without question or doubt,
I know you completely, both inside and out,
And don’t bother screaming, not even a shout,
The breath in your breast is my own.

I circle your throat like an amulet’s chain,
Dulling your senses and numbing your pain,
Easing the loneliness, ending the pain,
Where the seeds of my new life are sown.

There’s a movement,
Coming closer,
Rising up to the surface, just under the skin,
Moving steady and sure, facing life with a grin,
Very cautious,
Very patient,
Building power like gathering castles of sand,
Reluctant to let any slip through its hand.

It no longer needs any help from its hive,
There’s nothing to pause it, it can’t help but thrive,
So why must my lover and I stay alive
When we’ve done what we set out to do?

There’s something that’s happening deep in my breath,
Some instinct that’s pulling me closer to death...
But if I knew happiness, happy I’d be,
For something will always remain here of me....
And I don’t even feel the touch when it comes,
To pluck me away from the hammering drums
Of the heart of my lover, who thinks that it’s done....
What a shame I can’t tell him...
It’s only begun....


released July 24, 2018
Face Hugger Cookie Jar available from www.moarstuff.com/alien-facehugger-egg-cookie-jar/ . Image used without permission.




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